How do I stop thinking about college admissions?

How do you stop thinking about college applications?

Pick something that gives you perspective. Know that the college doesn’t matter all that much in the big picture. Do something that relaxes you, like walks in the woods, yoga, or MBSR meditation. Think how much better off you are than the people in Syria fleeing a civil war, etc.

How do you get over college decision anxiety?

5 Ways to Stay Calm While Waiting for College Admissions…

  1. Stop overthinking; stop doubting; stop what-iffing. …
  2. Tell your family and friends that you don’t want to talk about it. …
  3. Distract yourself. …
  4. Keep your options open.

How can I stop stressing about going to college?

How to Help With College Application Stress

  1. Encourage them to take an honest look at their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Help them focus on their career plans rather than the school.
  3. Help them apply to a range of colleges that will suit their educational and career needs where acceptance rates are higher.

Why is college admissions so stressful?

Peer Pressure/Competition: College admission exacerbates the stress young people feel by feeding competition among classmates. From comparing test scores to obsessing about class rank, schools create a Hunger Games environment where students are clamoring for a coveted spot at a selective college or university.

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Why is applying to college so hard?

The precipitous drop in admit rates–and the resulting intensification of competition among applicants–can manifest in predictable and measurable ways. Average admitted-student SAT and ACT scores, for example, have risen along with selectivity, making an already stressful process feel all the more arduous.

Should I worry about college admissions?

While you definitely shouldn’t be in panic mode just yet, college should be on your mind. When planning out your sophomore year (and beyond), keep in mind that many decisions affect your high school transcripts. So, remember to stay focused, get involved, and don’t forget to have fun.

How do you cope with college decisions?

How to Deal With College Decisions and Make a Choice

  1. Don’t immediately say yes! …
  2. Organize all of your deadlines. …
  3. Check your financial aid and scholarships. …
  4. Plan college visits and really get to know each school. …
  5. Make all kinds of lists. …
  6. Ask your parents. …
  7. Know how to handle waitlists. …
  8. Keep your grades up.

Is the college application process stressful?

The college application process is potentially the most stressful times of a student’s high school career. However, chances are they’re stressing about things either out of their control, or fixating on one of the many myths surrounding the college admissions process.

Why has college admissions become so competitive?

Here are two of the major reasons for the increased competitiveness in college admissions: There are more students, and many of these students are applying to more schools. Many of today’s college applicants are part of what’s referred to as the “Echo Boom” – kids of Baby Boomers and beyond.

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Is college admission too competitive?

Because college admissions is much more competitive than it used to be, it is often the student’s best interest to try both tests. Colleges and universities will accept the highest scores, and great scores on both tests can act as an added advantage to your application.