How many students attend Gettysburg?

Founded in 1832, Gettysburg College is a highly selective, four-year residential college of the liberal arts and sciences with approximately 2,600 students.

Is Gettysburg a party school?

Gettysburg is known as a school full of rich, mostly white kids from New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. People know it as a party school where Greek life is huge and students put a lot of energy into their social lives. 1. Everyone is in Greek life, and you can’t have a social life without it.

What kind of students go to Gettysburg?

Most students are white, upper middle class, intelligent, career driven individuals who work hard and play hard. Gettysburg students are intelligent, quick-witted, friendly and driven, although they believe they have a right to party and indulge during the weekends.

Is Gettysburg prestigious?

Gettysburg College is recognized nationally and ranks among top colleges in the country for our value, programs, and liberal arts experience.

Is Gettysburg College Worth It?

Within Pennsylvania, Gettysburg is a Great Quality for a Good Price. Gettysburg College is ranked #11 out of #123 in Pennsylvania for quality and #32 out of #111 for Pennsylvania value. This makes it a great quality for a good price in the state.

Is Gettysburg a good place to retire?

The many benefits of living in the Gettysburg metro include low crime, walkable city and comfortable summers. The region features nearby mountain terrain, which is a great recreation resource. Some disadvantages of the Gettysburg metro area include flat home prices, long commute, rainy days and harsh winters.

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What is the cost of living in Gettysburg PA?

Gettysburg cost of living is 88.8

COST OF LIVING Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Overall 88.8 92.5
Grocery 106.1 100.3
Health 107.6 97
Housing 76.8 75.1
Easy student life