Should you go to university open days?

Attending a virtual open day gives you the chance to hear from those already at the university talk about their experience, along with what you can expect. They may shed light on an important part of the university experience you hadn’t even thought to consider.

Is it important to go to university open days?

Open days help give you clarity if you’re struggling to pick a course. If you’re really stuck, you’ll be able to visit multiple departments. Sit through at least a couple of subject talks. You should be able to narrow down your choices by getting a feel of the department’s teaching style.

When should you start going to university open days?

Usually, open days are held between the months of July and October, to give prospective students enough time to visit several institutions. If two of your open days clash, contact the universities directly and they’ll do their best to slot you in on another tour. They may even be able to offer you a private one.

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How many uni open days should I go to?

There’s no rule as to how many open days you should go to but the average is around 4 or 5. This doesn’t mean that you’re not normal if you only decide to visit two. It’s just that some people like to have a wider range of options or find it difficult to narrow their choices down.

What should I expect at uni open days?

You have the opportunity to see what the campus and local area is like. You can also talk to staff and current students to discover what university life is like. Open days also give parents and guardians the chance to visit universities so they can help students make the right decisions.

Why do I want to attend an open day?

Open days consist of skill sessions and workshops which are specially designed to improve your commercial awareness and negotiation skills. This is an opportunity for you to really refine your skills and thus attending an open day will put you in a much stronger position when applying for a vacation scheme.

Why are open days useful?

An open day gives you the chance to meet students and lecturers at the university so you will have a friendly face when you start for the first time. You will also get the opportunity to meet people who are in the same boat as you, so you might even make some new friends before you even join.

Should you go to university open days in year 12?

It’s never too early to start going to university open days

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Universities host open days throughout the year. It’s never too early to visit the universities you are interested in, because it will help you make your final decision. Ideally you need to visit a range of universities so that you can compare how they feel.

How long is a uni day?

On average, you will spend around 10-15 hours on campus each week. The time you spend on campus each week will change depending on what degree you study. Some have more contact hours and some less.

What do you need for a university open day?

What to bring on an open day

  1. open day pack – the uni may send you everything you’ll need (by post or email) including agenda, parking permit and address/building to go to.
  2. portable charger.
  3. a bag for carrying any extra prospectuses, documents or items you pick up along the way.
  4. someone else!

How many universities should you visit?

If you’re wondering how many to visit, there’s no magic number. Visiting only one is likely too few, yet traveling to 10 or more could be too expensive. It’s typically recommended that high school students visit at least their first and second choice universities.

When should I start looking at universities UK?

University choices and applications are usually started in Year 12 or Year 13. Your school or college will tell you about it. In the meantime you can also find details about what’s involved and how it all works on

How do you prepare for an open day?

How to Prepare for an Open Day

  1. Begin looking early. …
  2. Book your place in advance. …
  3. Go with somebody. …
  4. Plan your journey. …
  5. Know what course(s) you are interested in before attending. …
  6. Write down questions you might want to ask.
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Are universities in the UK Open?

UK universities are working towards a full return to face-to-face teaching from the start of Autumn Term in September 2021 and students are expected to have full access to all campuses and facilities. In line with UK Government guidance, institutions will continue to provide a safe campus for students.

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