What is a college credit plus student?

College Credit Plus is Ohio’s dual enrollment program that provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities.

How does college credit plus work?

College Credit Plus allows high school students to earn college credit and apply that credit toward their high school graduation requirements. Successful completion of a three or more credit-hour college course will result in 1.0 Carnegie unit earned at the high school.

Is college credit plus worth?

Lowers the overall cost of postsecondary education. Shortens the time to complete a college degree and allows increased flexibility in scheduling. Introduces the rigor and expectations of college work. Eliminates repetitive, overlapping coursework between high school and college.

What is a CCP student?

WHAT ARE CCP CLASSES? CCP classes are also known as College Credit Plus classes. CCP classes are often offered by local colleges, like a community college. These classes count for both high school credit and college credit.

How many CCP classes can I take?

CCP students may take up to 30 college credits each academic year. To determine the number of credit hours a student can take in a year, the secondary school must calculate the number of course credits that are for high school credit only and multiply that by 3. That number is then subtracted from the 30 hours.

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How many high school credits is a college course worth?

First, the Big Picture: What You Should Know About High School Credits. Credits are a way of measuring a student’s fulfillment of educational requirements. Most high school courses are worth either 1.0 credit (for a one-year course) or 0.5 credit (for a semester course).

Do CCP classes count for college GPA?

Students should be aware that grades received through CCP will become part of their high school and college transcripts, affecting their respective grade point averages (GPAs). … Because the grades will be on the student’s college record (official Miami transcript), they will affect college GPA.

What is a passing grade at CCP?

If the student fails to earn a grade of “A,” “B,” “C,” “P” or “MP” in 67% of the credits attempted for the term, he/she will be placed on part-time (7 credits maximum) academic probation.

Grading System of Community College of Philadelphia.

Grade Q.P.* Note
C 2 Satisfactory
D 1 Pass
F Fail
FS Fail – stopped attending

Is AP the same as CCP?

CCP enrolls students in college classes, tuition-free, while they are still enrolled high school. … AP students take a college-level course that prepares them for a course-ending exam. Students earn college credit only if their exam score is high enough, even though they may have passed the class.

What is CCP full form?

CCP commonly refers to: Chinese Communist Party, officially the Communist Party of China, the founding and sole ruling political party of the People’s Republic of China.

Are college courses harder than AP classes?

In AP classes you’re taking the class to pass a test so the whole structure of the class is much more rigid and uniform. In college, professors have free reign over their class structure so the classes are usually more free form. That’s not to say, however, that college classes are any easier than AP classes.

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