You asked: How much does Spartanburg Methodist College Cost?

What is Spartanburg Methodist College known for?

Since 1911, Spartanburg Methodist College has led the way in innovation in higher education. Early in our history, we launched the first cooperative education program in the country, and we are South Carolina’s first liberal arts college to make career development the centerpiece of our four-year degree programs.

Is Spartanburg Methodist College accredited?

Spartanburg Methodist College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Is Spartanburg Methodist College a university?

Spartanburg Methodist College is a private Methodist college in Saxon, South Carolina, with a Spartanburg postal address. The college serves approximately 1,000 students (2020-2021 academic year).

Does Spartanburg Methodist College have a nursing program?

While SMC does not offer a nursing degree, we do offer an associate of science degree, which includes the pre-requisite courses students need transfer into a nursing program at another school.

Is SMC a 2 year college?

Community colleges like SMC are generally considered the first two years of the university.

Is Spartanburg Methodist a 2 year school?

Two Year Degree (Associate) – Spartanburg Methodist College.

Is Spartanburg Methodist College good?

My experience attending Spartanburg Methodist college was great. They provide a lot of support with education and personal life. They really lookout for their students and make sure everyone is on the right path. They are a good college.

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Is Spartanburg Methodist College d1?

Nationally-ranked, Division I athletic teams.

Our 14 men’s and women’s athletic teams compete and win in the NJCAA’s Division 1.

Easy student life